Senses 2016 Unveils In Limerick

Senses 2016, a national roadshow of workshops showcasing some of the best Ireland has to offer in Corporate Wellbeing took off on May 26th in the Nexus Innovation Centre in the University of Limerick . While the event has happened in previous years in Cork and Dublin it was the first year that the same event has been organised in Limerick.

The audience was a really mixed one of professional people from various backgrounds including HR, Health & Safety, Business Managers and Wellness Professionals alike. Among those taking part were representatives from medium and large employers across the Mid-West including Lufthansa, University of Limerick, Clare’s Wish and others. All of those taking part were looking forward to implementing better well-being policies in their organisations.

The day was peppered with keynote speakers and interesting demonstrations on various topics related to personal well being including nutrition from nutritionist Magalena Bibik, and a cookery demonstration on raw foods by Paul Knapp.

The event was the brainchild of Malin Kelly, Director of Modig Corporate Services Ltd. Malin Kelly, a swedish, limerick- based entrepreneur leads Modig Corporate Services based in the Nexus Innovation Centre in UL. Kelly pulled together the event with a heavy scandinavian flavour that celebrated goodness. Even lunch was made by Paul Knapp on site and personalised lunches by Carambola, the Limerick-based healthy lunch provider. 9de908614e064a2574504d8af21ee170


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