Burrito Bar Social Media War Breaks Out

A tale of two burrito bars at war has come to light this week as close competition for the coveted space vending food outside of Pennys on Patrick St increased. The space itself is in an area known as the Urban Garden.

The space is allocated by Limerick City and County Council and one vendor, The Mexican Food Dudes had been trading there since April. Another Mexican burrito take away based in the city has now objected to their trading on the basis that they too applied for the space, to utilise a hut on the space and were not informed as to decision of the council.

The spat has spilled over to Facebook with one vendor encouraging facebook fans to complain about the other to city council. The result, unusually, has been for the council to formally request that the incumbant cease trading. Meanwhile there has been no formal comment from Limerick City and County Council on the matter. The space remains empty. A loss for the burrito loving, fair-minded people of Limerick.





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