Long Read: Gaye Moore: The Potentialist Blog

This blog is reproduced on http://www.Limerickcompanyblog with the permission of Gaye Moore, The Potentialist. Follow her on : her blog here.



Do you have a *someone* in your life 

Do you have a * Someone* in your life ?

Someone who supports and encourages you ….

Someone who understand your dreams and aspirations …

Someone who accepts you as human …

Someone who pushes you to achieve your dreams ….

Someone who knows you are doing the very best that you can ….

Someone who absolutely believes YOU ARE ENOUGH ….

Someone who trusts you …

Someone who cares about you and has your back …

Someone who is by your side through good and bad …

Or are the *someones* in your life people who are doubters, disbelievers, critical observers, judgemental , manipulative and egotistical ?

We all have a variety of * someones* in our personal and professional lives …

Family , friends, relations, acquaintances, neighbours, mentors, advisors,

Take time to assess who these people are – We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with so ….


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