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Local philantropist and campaigner Alice O’ Farrell had an idea about creating a cookbook with local restaurants to raise funds for the University Hospital Limerick Oncology Unit. And once she had had the idea, this dynamic Limerick woman was going to make it happen. Alice, a breast cancer survivor herself set about creating a local project that combined the worlds of culinary arts, celebrity, business people and photography.

The result is a stunning cookbook, designed by Bron O Loughlin and with over 51 restaurants and 15 local photographers involved in photographing the most delectable food in Ireland.

The cookbook will be on sale on the streets of Limerick this weekend over the riverfest as thousands of tourists are coming to the treaty city. There will be cookbooks available in Shannon at Sash Boutique for their fashion and style event on Thursday April 28th and there will be volunteers selling the cookbook at the BBQ at Riverfest on Saturday and Sunday, and in Arthurs Quay Shopping Centre.

If you would like to volunteer to sell the cookbook you can reach Alice and the group behind the cookbook through their facebook group Here.

Or you can purchase directly online on

Alice hopes that the cookbook will raise in excess of one hundred and fifty thousand euro for cancer services at UHL.


Photo by Salvatore Conti Photography


Photo by Cookbook for Cancer Services at UHL



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