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This long read post is brought to you courtesy of Gaye Moore, also known as The Potentialist. It is reproduced with her permission.

Gaye is a life and business coach and the founder and author behind Potentialist Living. She is based in Limerick . 

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Integrity is one of my values – is it one of yours?

According to Wikipedia *Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong 

moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to uphold 

oneself to consistently moral and ethical standards.*

I love the word Integrity and absolutely believe in its value both in my personal  and working life – it doesn’t always win me customers or friends, and sometimes I don’t always attain it – however its a standard i believe is important and strive for daily!

I learned this value in business from my parents as they ran a general grocery shop cum postoffice cum petrol station in a small rural village in Monaghan, close to the border, where customers were from a variety of religious backgrounds, different age groups, different social strata yet all treated the same. I always appreciated the ethics my parents brought to their business.

On a personal level I have always been a people watcher and observer, and from this small rural village, to the student life of Limerick , to all my travels in UK. Germany, New York,Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Ethiopia, Morocco, to back settling in Limerick, through marriage and separation, my work life which has included retail, manufacturing, service, event management, PR and Marketing, volunteer work, involvement with committees, I have met 1,000’s of people and love watching how they interact with others and how they treat one another. I have witnessed Ego at play in some people when they are trying to create a momentum of power around themselves and i have also witnessed people, who instead of showing kindness to another human being, deliberately hurt them in cruel manipulative ways –I know that this behaviour is carried out from fear – however witnessing it, rocks me to my core.

Each person is a human being and deserves to be treated as such with integrity, dignity and respect whether we meet them in our work or personal life – if people do not treat you like this, remove them from your life in a compassionate way where they cannot harm you any more. Preservation of your own Integrity is also important and doesn’t require you to bend to anyones ego! Maintain a healthy self regard for yourself and remove yourself from other people’s dramas. Learn to believe in your own self worth and integrity and if some ones behaviour is rattling you – exit stage left!


Joyfully yours 

Gaye 🙂 
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One thought on “Long Read: The Potentialist Blog on Integrity 

  1. Great article. Being truthful to your self equates to self integrity. As our moral compass is depending on personal live experiences our moral and ethical standards will to an extent be individual too. That duality means that personal integrity prevents us from adhering to the exact same moral and ethical standards of others. That being said being truthful to self and consistent in your approach to life and others is a high form of integrity. Thanks for sharing Gaye!


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