Limerick Prepares For Largest TLC So Far 

The city and county will be sparklingly clean by Good Friday afternoon following the largest ever Team Limerick cleanup by 13,000 volunteers. Following on from the success of last year’s clean up the event has attracted many local people to get out on the streets and tidy their local area. 

All parts of the city and county are involved and the event is sponsored by the JP McManus  benevolent fund. The event kicks off at 10 am in the city centre and local neighbourhoods have organised tea for volunteers following the event. 

The Garda siochana and local hero and mascot Paul O’Connell have previously been involved and urged caution by clean up teams and by motorists on the city and county roads on Friday. The Limerick City and county council have also played a large part in organising this year’s event. 


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