Make Up Heaven in Limerick 

Limerick make up artists Alison Smith and Marian Hayes Downes, also known as Wedding Heaven, have started offering skincare and make up master classes for women of all ages in Limerick. The events held in The Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick cover everything from ideal nutrition to looking after your skin building up to a special event. 

The make up masterclass also showcased make up techniques such as contouring and was extremely popular with brides prior to weddings in 2016. For other attendees understanding correct applications of sonic brushing and serums for age defying looks were very popular. 

‘We are offering classes to help women understand and take care of their skin better, ” said Alison Smith at the event, “We aren’t here to sell products, though we do have our favourites, but rather to showcase techniques and share the secrets to looking your best.” 



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