Buona Pasqua!

Buona Pasqua! That’s Italian for Happy Easter, the good folks at Da Vincenzo Food and Wine Hall are already shouting it from the rooftop of The George Boutique Hotel in Limerick and have imported in some real Italian chocolate Easter Eggs to celebrate. 

If you love a bit of the dark stuff ( Chocolate not Guinness) then you’ll want to start dropping hints now to receive one of these gorgeous sensuous eggs. Vincenzo himself has had these brought in directly from Italy, with some of his Nonna’s Columbo cake for Easter too.

There are hampers and plenty of beautiful Italian food and wine to be purchased in the restaurant if you are visiting friends and family this Easter. Unless you bring them all to The George Boutique Hotel to taste the Italian menu.

The Eggs are wrapped in pastel colours and make the perfect gift this Easter. We are excited to see what the famous Napolitian will do next…



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