Photos courtesy of Eva Birdthistle Photography

Success is so simple! So say all of us. The first annual Success is Simple Conference happened on Tuesday March 8th in The Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick will over 100 people involved in 45 businesses all sharing the secrets of success.

The event, which was an interactive conference run by Gaye Moore, The Potentialist. Moore is a life and business coach, a positive living guru based here in Limerick. Also involved in planning the event were members of The Women’s Business business network which was attended by both sexes and was addressed by men and women who shared many types of success.

Speakers Included Yvonne Smyth, Gaye Moore, Yvonne Clarke, Stephen Brown, John Garrett, Michelle Daly Hayes, Elaine Sparling and Victoria Mary Clarke. The event was finished off with a spectacular glasswalk for all of the attendees.

Fearologist Stephen Brown was on hand to teach attendees about leaving go of fears and grasping life. He brought along the glass from 50 winebottles to walk upon in their bare feet to show how fears are unfounded. The glasswalk was the highlight for many people on the day.





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