Limerick Business Week Kick Off






Limerick Business Week 2016 will run from 7th to 14th March at various venues around the City and County. Included are several events, seminars and the promotion of enterprise to meet the growing needs of the business sector in Limerick.

In 2016 Limerick Business Week is part of a series of Local Enterprise Weeks being held in each Local Enterprise Office in Ireland. Included in this brochure is a listing of the events that aim to inspire others to explore their potential as entrepreneurs and to bring the whole business community together to champion entrepreneurship and economic development in Limerick.

The events are aimed at the start up community, and aim to develop entrepreneurship and innovation. The Local Enterprise Office want to thank all our partners who have cooperated and contributed to this year’s extensive Business Week programme and we look forward to continuing to work with and support small businesses in Limerick.

Check out details here:



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