Doing It With Intention




By Patrick Mercie

Life Coach & Regular Contributor


‘Living intentionally with direction and purpose overshadows any goal or target driven life!’

There, I said it! That’s a personal opinion based on evidence of what I do every day and of what my clients do. Find what you Love, set an intention, give it direction, deliver it with purpose on a daily basis!

Example I here you ask! Here goes. I love running. My intention is to run as long and as much as I enjoy. The direction I am taking this in next is #50at50 (completing 50 Marathons before I’m 51 (in Feb ’17) and running my first Ultra’s in 2016. To deliver it with purpose every day I do what I love most to help me enjoy it more.

That means running every day I can and that’s most days. That means satisfying my love for good food with food that is also good for me. That means satisfying my love for travel with running all over Ireland and this year also Marathons in Brussels and Amsterdam and a 2 week training camp in Lanzarote. This means satisfying my love for meeting people by being a member of a running club. And so on.

The entire running thing becomes an amalgamation of moments of joy and fun.

Last year that resulted in over delivering on the direction I was taking it in instead of 12 completing 16 Marathons. However that was not the important bit. The important bit is not the result. Because what if it was and I ‘ONLY’ did 11? I would feel a failure. Imagine feeling like you failed because you ran 11 marathons in 1 year????

The Most Important bit was the daily joy I got from running. It made me deliver more than I thought myself capable of and it had positive side effects on my health both mentally and physically. The sheer power of delivering an intention with purpose and love was what made this really great!

And this goes for business, management and anything else in life. Try it. And let me know how you get on!


About the Author :

Patrick Mercie from Forward 2 Success is a qualified Personal & Business Coach, qualified Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Multiple marathon Runner (33). He has given training for amongst others Skillnets, Limerick Chamber and BNI. Patrick has acted as MC at events with 100’s of delegates and organises his own seminars on topics related to Personal Development, Motivation, Careers, Time Management, Communication Skills, Sales and Customer Service.

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