Limerick Based Sci Fi Novel Revealed

Limerick based author Damien Macnamara has revealed that a scifi genre novel entitled Furious Angels, set in the city and county will be launched very soon. The author, who holds a Phd from LIT has told Limerick Company Blog that the release date of April 25th next will be when it is available to the public.

Furious Angels is the story of two cousins, William Anderson and Andrew Oakley who are reunited by the tragic death of Andrew’s father. Things take an unexpected turn when the boys discover an underground installation containing highly advanced military and medical research technology. Andrew believes he has found his father’s legacy and vows to continue his work but the boys soon find that every person –bar one- connected to the installation is long dead.

The Furious Angels Trilogy is set against the backdrop of modern day Limerick and a well-known Lough in Co. Limerick. It is aimed at young adults interested in adventure, sci fi and even some martial arts..

The author says, ‘One of the main Limerick landmarks I used in the book was the Franciscan Church and two very important scenes (one of them a battle scene) are set within the old church. For me the Franciscan Church always had a special presence and I wanted to harness that within the story,’ explaining his decision to base his trilogy in the city.

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