Learn How Personal Wellness Programs Can Benefit You in 2016

Resolution for 2016: Wellness programs to strengthen your business.

                                                                              By Patrick Mercie wellnessgraphic-2

It is a given that engaged, happy owners, managers and staff lead to a higher productivity. There is also increased customer retention, lower absenteeism, decreased staff turnover.

Some of the pillars of engagement are well thought out wellness programs. The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis, estimated an overall ROI of $1.50, or a return of $1.50 for every dollar that the employer invested in the entire wellness program when examining 10-year data from a Fortune 100 employer.

Imagine the difference between employees who sit in traffic on the way to work hating every second of the journey or those who listens to a work related podcast. An employee who exercises before work or one who comes in late and half asleep!

A Personal Wellness Program by Patrick Mercie from Forward 2 Success is now available in Limerick for any size business from February 2016. In a 2 day Workshop all participants of the company will get the tools to make changes to Health & Fitness, Time Management, Personal Growth, Relationships and Professional Development to name but a few.

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