Limerick Courts US Business

A delgation from the Global Irish Economic Forum visited Limerick ahead of the conference in Dublin Castle with the US Ambassador Kevin O Malley. The delegation of business leaders and global Irish ambassadors were visiting limerick as part of a regional outreach by the conference. The group were recieved in University of Limerick and also by Mayor Liam Galvin at a reception in City Hall.

Kevin O´Malley, US Ambassador was very bullish on Limerick´s position as a destination for foreign direct investment and the city´s record as base for global companies.

On Nov 4th Social Entrepreneurs from Limerick attended an event at the US Ambassadors Residence as part of the regional outreach and an event in conjunction with the Web Summit in Dublin. The event was to reward forward thinking projects from all over Ireland and displays the ambassador´s interest in the progress of Ireland regionally . He has visited Limerick several times as part of his residency in Ireland as Ambassador. His view of Limerick is a very positive one.


Photo Courtesy of the US Embassy in Dublin.


Kevin O_Malley v1 8x10_LOW_RES



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