Do Your Own PR Workshop in Limerick

Michelle Daly Hayes, veteran communication consultant, editor and freelance journalist will run a small workshop for business owners on doing your own PR, on December 1st next in Limerick.

The former journalist is now based in Limerick following a career in journalism and PR which included working in Tanzania, Dubai, Morocco, the UK and France . Her communications expertise helped to launch campaigns and aided brands such as Nokia, Microsoft, Paddy Power and many others to  develop communications platforms.  Now Daly Hayes wants to help small businesses do the same. She is also founding editor of this website and blog.

The event will include some light dinner and networking for small businesses and will be in the George Boutique Hotel on December 1st at 6.30pm.

Tickets are available on eventbrite.


Eventbrite tickets Here

Or call 0858610640 0r email

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