David Mc Williams Hails Real Economic Boom in Limerick

Economist David McWilliams declared the current economic resurgence as the real thing on Monday night as he launched Limerick Business week organised by the Limerick Enterprise Office.

The well know economist, Ireland’s only freelance economist, drew a large crowd for the event in the Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick. Eamon Ryan of LEO and Antony Coleman of LEO were there on the night to introduce Mc Williams who held the crowd enthralled with his view of how the German ‘overlords’ are going to attempt to recoup the huge losses racked up on Irish loans in the Boom.

He did say that the kind of diversified economic growth ( as opposed to purely a building boom) is a really positive and could mean real growth for the economy. MC Williams was delighted to be in Limerick speaking and likened the economic recovery to the Muhamed Ali vs George Foreman fight over 40 years ago.

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