Look The Biz

Orlaith Ryan

One of the highlights of the week this week was a styling event in Debenhams Limerick for Women in Business. The event was a collaboration of business guru and stylist Gaye Moore and Ðebenhams own in house personal shopper Jackie Gardener. 

The event was part fashion show, part networking event and part style inspiration. The ladies modelling were all part of the Limerick Business Network The Women’s Business or TWB which is led by Gaye Moore.
The event attracted women in business from all over the mid west to look at the new styles and looks for business and work in the Winter catalogue at Debenhams.
“In this age of ever more relaxed dressing, it is sometimes very difficult to strike the right balance between looking professional, confident, at ease in your own skin and looking sloppy, This event is aimed at showing business women the way to dress in an individual way that looks perfect in the work environment, no matter where you work,” said Gaye Moore at the event.


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