Businesses in Limerick City and County have responded admirably to the Calais Refugeee crisis in recent days as local collection depots look for donations. The Limerick to Calais collection depot, on Bank Place in Limerick have been overwhelmed with the supports from individuals, groups, families and businesses as they gather various items for the thousands of refugees gathered in the french port of Calais.

The local response has been extremely good according to local organiser Nadine Buttery, for example Nessan School of Motoring donated a truck and driver to take the goods collected to Cork, while other companies have donated clothing and medical supplies that were required.

Several local businesses including the Costa brand coffee shops, Starting Small Standing Tall creche and the Delta Sports Dome have offered to gather donations from the public to bring them to the depot in Limerick.

Below is a list of the requirements of the depot as of today Monday Sept 14th.

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